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Arthur St. Clair 1791 Orders of March, Battle and Encampment
Description: Arthur St. Clair issued this elaborate set of orders dictating the modes of marching, forming order of battle, and even encamping his troops, in order to guard against surprise attacks while marching his largely inexperienced force through the wilderness. At the same time, to clarify such tactical formations, he had an officer on his staff draw up a set of plans to accompany his published orders. However, despite such careful delineations as seen here (which relied heavily on strategic placement of regular troops, artillery and horses for mutual support), it failed to adequately take into account the raw recruits and militia of which his army was largely composed, not to mention factors such as terrain and the skill of an enemy well-versed in modes of irregular warfare. Probably executed by either Adjutant General Winthrop Sargent or Adjutant Ebenezar Denny (both with known skills in military drawing in cartography), this original manuscript of survived the debacle known as the Battle of the Wabash or "St. Clair's Defeat," fought on November 4, 1791. It would subsequently be used as part of the ill-fated general's defense during the court martial convened following his defeat by a large alliance of American Indians. led by Shawnee chief Weyapiersenwah (Blue Jacket) and Miami chief Mishikinakwa (Little Turtle). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: American Indians in Ohio; Military Ohio; St. Clair, Arthur, 1734-1818
Places: Fort Washington (Ohio); Hamilton County (Ohio)