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'American Sports for the Amusement of Children' book
Description: This 1843, hand-colored children's book titled "American Sports for the Amusement of Children" illustrates eight different sports: angling (page 1), pheasant shooting (page 2), rabbit shooting (page 3, not included here), fox chasing (page 4, not included here), horse racing (page 5), stag hunting (page 6), coursing (page 7), and badger baiting (page 8). Binding for this book does not survive and the pages are one-sided. According to its catalog record, the book belonged to James Booth of Marietta, Ohio. Booth was born February 21, 1842, and died February 22, 1845. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Children's literature; Books; Hunting; Sports and leisure
Places: Marietta (Ohio); Washington County (Ohio)