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Peter Kaufmann diary-like page
Description: This diary-like outpouring of feelings, caused by annoying happenings in his print shop in June 16, 1837, was put down in great detail by Peter Kaufmann in German. The main theme of these feelings is "Wasn't my life happier and more rewarding in my early years, although I was destitute then - compared to the misery I have been suffering since I started this [newspaper] business?" Three lines were added on June 24 of the same year, indicating that things had not improved in the print shop. Peter Kaufmann was a German immigrant and intellectual. He arrived first in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1820; in 1826 he became professor of languages at the Harmony Society town of Economy, Pennsylvania. In 1827, Kaufmann led the establishment of Teutonia, a utopian community in Columbiana County, Ohio, and published its weekly titled "Teutonia: The Herald of a Better Time." Following this he moved to Canton, Ohio, where he became translator and editor of "Der Vaterlandsfreund und Geist der Zeit" under Solomon Sala. Additionally, Kaufmann wrote a number of books on education, as well as a German almanac. He was also an influential Democrat, counting President Van Buren among his friends, and knew Ralph Waldo Emerson. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: German Americans; Printing industry and trade--Ohio; Newspaper editors;
Places: Canton (Ohio); Stark County (Ohio);