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Beryl Drummond in Waterloo Wonders uniform
Description: This photograph shows a high school-aged Beryl Drummond in his Waterloo Wonders uniform posed for a portrait. Born June 16, 1918, Beryl Esco Drummond was a member of the "Waterloo Wonders" high school basketball team, of Waterloo, Ohio, after transferring to the high school from nearby Cadmus. The team was the second Ohio high school basketball team in Class B to win consecutive state championships, in 1934 and 1935, and was considered one of the finest teams in the state, known for its crowd-pleasing antics and entertaining playing style. After high school, Drummond continued to play semi-professional basketball with teams such as the Whiskered Wizards and the Acme Aviators (sponsored by the Acme Pattern & Toll Company of Dayton, Ohio). He played his last basketball game in the winter of 1952, after a disappointing game at the Knights of Columbus gym in Columbus, Ohio. He later worked as assistant superintendent at Sleepy Hollow Golf Club in Brecksville, Ohio, and at the Green Acres Country Club in Florida. He died April 26, 1982. View on Ohio Memory.
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