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'Catholic Church not Opposed to Woman Suffrage' broadside
Description: This broadside produced by the Woman Suffrage Party of the City of New York in support of the women's suffrage movement was collected by Georgia Hopley, a supporter of the suffrage movement, ca. 1900. It disputes the notion that the Catholic Church as a body opposes women's suffrage, and argues that many prominent Catholics, as well as the church at large, are in fact advocates of voting rights for women. Hopley was born in Bucyrus, Ohio, to John Prat Hopley, Sr., and Georgianna Rochester Hopley. Her father owned and managed two newspapers, the Bucyrus Journal and the Bucyrus Evening Telegraph. At an early age, Georgia became interested in journalism, and she went on to become a pioneering woman in that field. Her newspaper columns appeared in in various newspapers on a quasi-syndicated basis from approximately 1880 until her death in 1944. Her main interests centered on woman suffrage and the temperance movement. In addition to her work as a journalist, she was actively involved in social reform efforts, and as both a journalist and a delegate, she attended various state, national, and international conventions dealing with suffrage and temperance. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Women--Suffrage; Social movements; Suffragists; Catholicism; Religious denominations;
Places: New York City (New York)