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Hopewell Mound Group #25 excavation photograph
Description: Photograph taken during the excavation of the Hopewell Mound Group in Ross County, Ohio. Reverse reads, "Mound # 25 cut through stone wall at southwest." The Hopewell Mound Group, the type site for the Hopewell Culture, is located along the North Fork of Paint Creek in Union Township, Ross County, Ohio. When first surveyed in the mid-1800s the mound and earthwork complex, once referred to as the Clark Works, contained at least 38 mounds of various sizes within a 111-acre, somewhat “D”-shaped walled enclosure. An attached segmented square enclosed an additional 18 acres. The most notable mound in the group is referred to as Mound 25, a three-part conjoined mound that once measured 35 feet high by 500 feet long and 180 feet wide at the base. It was this mound more than any other that was the source of many of the iconic artifacts that defined the Hopewell Culture (100 BC-AD 400). The Hopewell Mound Group was extensively investigated in the early 1890s by Warren Moorehead to coll View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Earthworks (Archaeology); American Indians in Ohio; Excavations (Archaeology)--Ohio; Hopewell culture--Ohio--Scioto River Valley
Places: Ross County (Ohio)