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Linden Garden Club minutes
Description: This is a record book of the Linden Garden Club. The record book is a bound 8" by 10" notebook of 50 sheets of lined paper. The sheets are filled with neatly handwritten lists, notes, and minutes. Also pasted-in are typewritten club papers and newspaper clippings. The record appears to have been authored throughout by Grace G. Innis, Recording Secretary. Eight images are shown here. These are the first eight pages of the record, and include the following: p. 1-3: Membership list; p. 4-5: Organization meeting minutes; p. 6-7 Meeting minutes of June 7, 1932; p. 7-8: Meeting minutes of June 21, 1932 (written "1922"). The Linden Garden Club was established on May 17, 1932, in the Linden neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. The club allowed members to share knowledge of gardening and enjoy the company of others with a common interest, and also engaged in activities to promote civic and state beautification. In 1983, the club disbanded. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Gardening; Plants and Animals; Community organizations; Societies and clubs
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Linden (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)