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German Cultural Garden photographs
Description: Three photographs document the German Cultural Garden in Cleveland, Ohio. The third view is of the Goethe-Schiller statue, dedicated to two of Germany's greatest poet-philosophers. The statue originally stood in Wade Park. The Ihna Thayer Frary Audiovisual Collection was given to the Ohio Historical Society by Mr. Frary in two sections. One was in March of 1963 and the remainder in May of 1965 by his sons, Dr. Spencer G. and Allen T. Frary following their father's death. I.T. Frary (1873-1965) was the publicity and membership secretary for the Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio. He taught for many years at the Cleveland Institute of Art and Western Reserve University's School of Architecture. He did much research of Ohio and American architecture and was the author of seven major works and numerous scholarly articles on architectural and art history. One of his major works was Early Homes of Ohio published in 1936. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Plants and Animals; Immigration and Ethnic Heritage; Architecture; Arts and Entertainment; Gardens; Sculpture; German Americans
Places: Cleveland (Ohio); Cuyahoga County (Ohio)