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Marcus Hanna letters
Description: These letters were written by Marcus Hanna, a Cleveland businessman, senator, and chair of the Republican National Committee. In a personal letter to J. Fraise Richard, Hanna apologizes for the delay in writing to him due to the rigorous campaign in which William McKinley of Ohio was elected President of the United States. Hanna also remarks on the economic prosperity and the increased confidence that seems to have overcome the nation as a result of the election. The letter is one page and measures 8" x 11" (20.32 x 27.9 cm). In a second letter to H.P. Lewandowski, president of the Polish-Lutheran American Republican League, Hanna thanks Lewandowski for his support of the Republican Party and remarks, "we are all one people, working for the interests of our country." The letter is one page and measures 8" x 11" (20.32 x 27.9 cm). These letters are part of a larger collection of six letters. Industrialist and financier Marcus Alonzo Hanna (1837-1904) was born in New Lisbon, Ohio and attended Western Reserve College before starting his business career. He became active in coal mining, shipbuilding, and other ventures. In the 1890s he was instrumental in getting William McKinley elected to the governorship of Ohio, and nominated him for president in 1895. McKinley appointed Hanna as a senator from Ohio upon the vacancy of John Sherman. Hanna, who believed in cooperation between big business and government, dominated Republican Party politics until his death in 1904. He is buried in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Presidents and Politics; Immigration and Ethnic Heritage; Business and Labor; Presidential elections; McKinley, William, 1843-1901; Hanna, Marcus Alonzo, 1837-1904
Places: Cleveland (Ohio); Cuyahoga County (Ohio)