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Middleswart Siblings photographs
Description: These two photographs were taken on August 19, 1929. The first shows Clark ("R.C.") Middleswart (born 1841) sitting with his sister, Miss Henrietta Middleswart (born 1848), on the front porch of her house. During the Civil War, Clark served for approximately three years in the 18th Ohio Infantry under General Grosvenor. The second photographs shows a wider view of Henrietta's house, with an X marking the spot where a cannonball struck the wall during the Battle of Buffington Island in July 1863. Both photographs measure approximately 3.75 by 5 inches (9.53 by 12.70 cm). Confederate General John H. Morgan led Southern troops into Ohio on July 12, 1863. Chased by Ohio's militia and federal troops in pursuit, Morgan and his men were able to traverse twenty counties before being captured in Columbiana County on July 26, 1863. Although there were many skirmishes, the Battle of Buffington Island, near Portland in Meigs County, was the only significant Civil War battle to take place on Ohio soil. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: Om3400_6642950_001
Subjects: Daily Life; Military Ohio; Civil War; Morgan's Ohio Raid, 1863
Places: Portland (Ohio); Meigs County (Ohio); Columbiana County (Ohio)