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Marietta and Ohio River photographs
Description: These two pictures show the Ohio River near Marietta in the 1920s. The first picture includes the town of Marietta within the photograph while the second picture focuses mainly on a railroad bridge and the Ohio River. The photographs measure 3" x 5" (7.62 x 12.7 cm). Marietta was the first organized American settlement in the Northwest Territory in 1787 by the Ohio Company of Associates. The Ohio and Muskingum Rivers played very important roles in the development of Marietta; citizens used the rivers for everything from agriculture to transportation. The emergence of railroads further heightened the economic growth of this town. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: Om3269_5969534_001
Subjects: Transportation; Business and Labor; Geography and Natural Resources; Rivers; Cityscapes
Places: Marietta (Ohio); Washington County (Ohio)