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Mary Ann Edmondson Sampler
Description: Mary Ann Edmondson was ten years old when she stitched this sampler. She was born in 1824 in Dayton, Ohio and was given training in "plain and ornamental" sewing at a Quaker school in Waynesville, Ohio. Only samplers made by the Quakers of Waynesville feature the baskets seen in this example. Young girls created samplers as part of their education and to practice sewing techniques, since clothes would often be marked to establish a laundering and use schedule. As was common with samplers in the nineteenth century, this piece features letters of the alphabet and numbers done using varying stitches. The sampler measures 17.32 by 17.71 inches (44 by 45 cm). View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: Om1465_1149202_001
Subjects: Daily Life; Religion in Ohio; Quakers; Samplers; Needlework
Places: Dayton (Ohio); Waynesville (Ohio); Montgomery County (Ohio)