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Ohio at Antietam Monument to the 8th O.V.I.
Description: These two pages from the Report of the Ohio Antietam Battlefield Commission describe the monument to the 8th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry at the Antietam Battlefield. The monument inscription is described on page 52 (the first image) and on the following page is a picture of the monument (the second image). The Battle of Antietam took place on September 17, 1862 between the Union forces commanded by General McClellan and Confederate forces under General Lee. The battle is remembered as "the most bloody day America ever saw." The 8th Ohio took part in some of the most lethal fighting at the place called "Bloody Lane". The commission reported that 162 of the regiments men were killed or wounded of 341 engaged. Three men from the 8th O.V.I. later received the Medal of Honor. The 8th Ohio's monument is located where the regiment crossed Bloody Lane. The 8th Regiment O.V.I. enlisted in April, 1861 following President Lincoln's call for volunteers. After their initial enlistment of 3 months, the regiment re-enlisted for 3 years. Consisting of companies recruited from northern counties along and near Lake Erie, the regiment served was engaged in hard service including 76 battles and skirmishes. The regiment was mustered out July 13, 1864; remaining veterans were consolidated with other units into the Fourth Ohio Volunteer Battalion until the end of the Civil War. The Ohio Antietam Battlefield Commission was appointed by Ohio Governor Nash following General Assembly of Ohio legislation in 1902. The Ohio monuments were dedicated on October 13, 1903. Ohio monuments at Antietam erected by the commission: monument to the future President of the United States, Sergeant William McKinley of the 23rd O.V.I. ; joint monument to the 5th, 7th, and 66th regiments, O.V.I.; 8th Regiment O.V.I; 11th Regiment O.V.I; 12th Regiment O.V.I; 23rd Regiment O.V.I; 28th Regiment O.V.I; 30th Regiment O.V.I; 36th Regiment O.V.I; and the 1st Ohio Independent Battery. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Military Ohio; Civil War; Monuments & memorials; 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (O.V.I.)
Places: Antietam (Maryland); Seneca County (Ohio); Cuyahoga County (Ohio); Crawford County (Ohio); Huron County (Ohio); Sandusky County (Ohio); Lorain County (Ohio); Medina County (Ohio)