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Ohio Historical Society time capsule photographs
Description: Three photographs document the creation of a time capsule in celebration of the opening of the Ohio History Center in August 1970. The first photographs shows Governor James Rhodes inscribing a parchment for insertion into the time capsule, while one of his grandchildren looks on. Two other photographs show the governor assisting Ohio Historical Society President J.A. Mackstroth and Director Daniel R. Porter in placing items into the capsule. The final two photographs document the placement of the time capsule beneath the floor of the Arthur C. Johnson Auditorium foyer at the Ohio History Center by the Society's trustees and officers. Pictured from left to right, front row are: Charles E. Frohman, John A. Lloyd, Clay Littick, Gilbert W. Dilley, William H. Vodrey, Jr., J.A. Meckstroth, Fred J. Milligran, Sr. In the second row are: Wayne J. Graf, Martin Essex, Harold J. Grimm, Dr. Warren G. Harding, Joseph R. Fawcett, Daniel R. Porter, Don E. Weaver. In the third row are: Jerry Kaltenbach and Governor James Rhodes. The last photograph shows Governor Rhodes, OHS Director Daniel Porter, and OHS President J.A. Meckstroth placing the seal over the time capsule. Governor Rhodes' grandchildren are on the left. W. Byron Ireland & Associates, a Columbus architectural firm, designed the Ohio History Center building. The building is an example of "Brutalism," a rational, structuralist, monumental style exported in the early 1950s by French and British architects. Distinguished by its structural honesty and undisguised, blunt use of materials, Brutalism departed from conventional bourgeois styles. Stone and marble were rejected in favor of form-textured concrete, or beton brut, a technique employed by the French architect LeCorbusier. Founded in 1885, the Ohio Historical Society (now the Ohio History Connection) conducts a range of activities related to interpreting, collecting and preserving the state's heritage. In the last century, the organiation has collected more than 1.5 million items pertaining to Ohio's history, archaeology, and natural history. Its services include managing the state archives, administering the state's historic preservation office, and operating a network of historic sites and museums. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio Government; Architecture; Arts and Entertainment; Ohio Historical Society; Museums; Archives; Libraries
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)