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Pieced Eight-Pointed Diamond Star Comforter
Description: The history of this comforter is unknown, but the fabrics used are typical of everyday clothing of the period. The comforter is constructed of 16 eight-pointed diamond star blocks, two checkerboard borders at the top and bottom, and a plaid border all around. The stars are pieced of woven two-color stripe fabrics of blue and cream and set into a circle with checkered fabrics of blue and cream. Various woven plaids and stripes and printed fabrics of pinks, blues, creams and black are used to set the circles into squares. The setting square pieces are sewn on the miter at the corners, not the usual seams at the top, sides and bottom. The checkerboard borders are made of printed dress/shirt fabrics in creams, burgundy, indigo and black. The outer border is of cream and brown checked plaid. The back is of navy blue and cream woven check. It is tied with yellow yarn. There is no binding; it is finished with a knife-edge. The interior has an older stuffed comforter covered with a non-pieced cream and brown print fabric. The size is 185cm x 194cm (73 x 86 inches). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Daily Life; Ohio Women; Quilts
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