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Pieced Square-in-a-Square Quilt
Description: The maker of this quilt is unknown. The donor inherited the quilt from his great-grandmother, Lydia Amelia (Winslow) DeMuth who lived in Whitehouse, Lucas County, Ohio, having moved there in the 1840s. The front of the quilt is constructed a log cabin courthouse step block in the light-and-dark pattern. The fabrics are 1-inch wool strips of red, cream, blue, olive green, and brown laid down around a red center wool square. Fabrics are plaids, stripes and solids with a few florals and polka dots. The squares' layout tries to match the same color combination/repetition - top to bottom. The back is a patriotic cheater cloth of President James A. Garfield. The printed pattern includes lattice and cornerstones and images of the Garfield family crest, the U. S. shield, and multiple color pinwheels. Binding is the back brought to the front. The quilting is along the edge of each block. The back cheater fabric is of American origin produced at the time of President Garfield's death. The Pach Brothers photographed the original image reproduced on the cheater cloth. It was the most popular image of President Garfield at the time of his death. The size of the quilt is 164cm x 200cm (65 x 77 inches). View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: Om3473_6643245_001
Subjects: Ohio Women; Daily Life; Quilts
Places: Whitehouse (Ohio); Lucas County (Ohio)