Pieced Un-Equal Nine Patch Quilt   Save
Pieced Un-Equal Nine Patch Quilt
Description: The history of this quilt is unknown. The maker constructed the quilt using un-equal nine patch in a cross variation and alternating setting blocks in a straight set, 8 x10. The pattern is a variation of the Save All block. The fabrics in the pieced blocks are wool and cotton in red, green, bright pink, purple, orange, brown, black and green in florals, solids, stripes, dots and plaids. The setting blocks are brown and cream plaid. The back of the quilt is red and green plaid. The binding is applied solid green fabric. The quilting pattern is straight diagonal lines through the blocks. The sze of the quilt is 140cm x 212cm (55 x 83 ½ inches). View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio Women; Daily Life; Quilts
Places: Pieced Un-Equal Nine Patch Quilt