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Cotton quilt
Description: Dated ca. 1860, this applique quilt was made by Julia Hayden Marshall and Frances McClurg in Greer, Ohio, around 1860. There are four appliqued blocks set around a central square with a princess feather, pineapple and pinwheel motif in green, red, and orange. There are urns centered at the edge of each side with flowers and vines that extend to form an appliqued border. Grapes in the urns and borders are reverse appliqued: a piece of red fabric lies underneath the white top, out of which circular holes were cut. The cut edges were appliqued onto the red fabric. There is buttonhole stitching with blind stitching on the vines. The quilt is bound in red and backed with white muslin. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: H6522_001
Subjects: Quilts; Textiles; Women artists; Art; Blankets
Places: Greer (Ohio); Knox County (Ohio)