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Cotton victory quilt
Description: Dated to 1943, this is a victory quilt made by America Hatfield McCoy and her sister-in-law, Rhoda McCoy, in Kentucky. The background of the quilt is white with stitched five-point stars and circles. There are four large blue blocks applied to each corner with a large five-point appliqued white star in each one. The upper left star has the stitched words "DEVIL ANSE / Cpt. Anderson / HATFIELD / Logan Wildats [sic] / 1863." The upper right star is stitched "Pvt Harmon McCoy / UNION ARMY / 1863." The lower left-hand star has the embroidered words "PVT / Woodrow McCoy / SON OF / America Hatfield McCoy / '43." The lower right-hand star is stitched "Pvt / CHARLES D. HATFIELD / SON OF / Toland McCoy Hatfield / 1943." A long rectangular-shaped blue box is applied in the center with two white boxes with blue five-point stars and a large white V applied to the piece. The V is embroidered with the names "Melissy Hatfield / Rhoda McCoy." The white boxes have the names "Asa McCoy" and "Willie Hatfield" stitched in them. These embroidered names were originally written in pencil by Rhonda McCoy and then women of both families stitched in the names of their kinsmen. There are two red stripes on either side of the rectangle that run the length of the quilt. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Quilts; Textiles; Women artists; Art; Blankets
Places: Kentucky