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Crazy quilt
Description: Dated to 1887, this crazy quilt was made in Ross, Ohio, by Anna I. Simpson. The quilt has five rows of five randomly pieced blocks of silk and cotton with a solid block in the center. There is a solid maroon outer border with embroidered initials A, I and S and a floral design. The corner blocks are solid gold and blue. Embroidery accents each seam. There is embroidery in silk and chenille in nature motifs on the pieced blocks, which are also decorated with paint and floral appliques. Blocks incorporate political badges from the 1884 presidential election, contested between Republicans James Blaine and John Alexander Logan and Democrats Grover Cleveland and Thomas Andrew Hendricks, and a silk patch inscribed "Women's Pavilion 1876" from the Philadelphia International Exhibition. The quilt is edged with gold silk cord and is held together with ties of narrow blue, white and yellow grosgrain ribbon. The back of the quilt is made of red and blue patterned silk. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: H6532_001
Subjects: Quilts; Textiles; Art; Blankets; Presidential campaigns
Places: Ross (Ohio)