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Somerset Government Building photograph
Description: This image shows the front entrance of the Somerset Government Building in Perry County. This is an example of a first generation courthouse. It was used as a courthouse until 1851 when the county seat was officially moved to New Lexington, after several votes and Ohio Supreme Court rulings. It represents both Federal and Italianate architectural styles. There is an inscription above the entrance that reads "Let Justice be done if the heavens fall" that was originally supposed to read "Let Justice be done though the heavens fall." It is said that the stone masons ran out of room when engraving and had to shorten the inscription. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AV101_B01F05_389
Subjects: Public buildings--Ohio; Courthouses--Ohio; National Register of Historic Places; hip roofs; towers (building divisions); Federal; Italianate (North American architecture styles )
Places: Somerset (Ohio); Perry County (Ohio);