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Annie Oakley
Description: Reproduction of a photograph of sharpshooter Annie Oakley from Darke County, Ohio. The photograph was taken when Annie was in London with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1892. Phoebe Anne Mozee (also Mosey, Moses), better known as Annie Oakley, was a famous sharpshooter and women's rights advocate in the late 19th and early 20th century. Born August 13, 1860, in Darke County, Ohio, Oakley showed skill with firearms from an early age, using profits earned from the sale of wild game she killed to pay off her parents' mortgage. In 1875, she won a shooting contest against marksman Frank E. Butler in Cincinnati, Ohio, who convinced her to travel and perform with him. Oakley and Butler later married. The two performed in Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show where Oakley remained until 1901, traveling across the country and to Europe with the show. She emerged as the first female American superstar and advocated women's right to join the army and serve in active combat situations. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL00549
Subjects: Darke County (Ohio); Multicultural Ohio--Ohio Women
Places: Darke County (Ohio); London (United Kingdom)