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Civilian Conservation Corps Camp photographs
Description: These three photographs are of Camp Brian Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp, located in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The three photographs were taken September 1937. The first image displays the members at camp attending the noon work call at one of the barracks. The second image displays (left to right) the mess hall, John Bryan Barn (large white building in background) and Barrack #5 and a recreation hall. At the time the barn was the largest in the state of Ohio. The third displays (left to right) barracks #2 and #1, the mess hall and the recreation hall. Part of President Roosevelt's New Deal program, the CCC camps were formed to help preserve our nation's land. In addition, the program was also designed to help unemployed young men of the time. The program had a long life, beginning in 1933 and coming to an end in 1942. At the end of 1935, there were approximately 2,650 camps in all states, in Ohio alone, there were 110 camps. The main focus of the camps was land conservation. The CCC members planted over 3 billion trees, among other important projects. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Agriculture; Geography and Natural Resources; Daily Life; Business and Labor; Ohio Government; Civilian Conservation Corps (U.S.); New Deal, 1933-1939
Places: Yellow Springs (Ohio); Greene County (Ohio)