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Sandloters at bat
Description: This is a photo of a baseball game being played at a sandlot. A "Sandlot" refers to a makeshift field that can be used to facilitate the playing of baseball games. Sandlot games are usually played on by neighborhood teams. The photo shows home plate with a young man at bat, catcher, and umpire. The batter has swung but can not be determined whether or not he hit the ball, or if the ball is in the catcher's mit. Several people can be seen in the background watching the game. The location of the game is not known. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B13F01_028_001
Subjects: Ohio--History--Pictorial works; Federal Writers' Project; Baseball fields--United States--History--Pictorial works; Baseball in America; Baseball uniforms; Baseball fans; Baseball--Equipment and supplies; Fashion
Places: Ohio