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Sandlot baseball game
Description: This is a photo of a sandlot baseball game somewhere in Ohio. "Sandlot" is a term used to describe a makeshift field in order to play baseball, but can also be used to play other games like kickball or flag-football. These sandlots can be used to play sandlot league baseball games that are formed by neighborhood kids to play other neighborhoods. This photo shows a young man who just swung the bat at home plate. One other player seems to be reacting to the swing and there are many on-lookers watching the game. There is a large building in the background that could be a school View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Baseball fields--United States--History--Pictorial works; Baseball in America; Baseball uniforms; Baseball fans; Baseball--Equipment and supplies; Baseball fields--United States--History--Pictorial works; Ohio--History--Pictorial works; Federal Writers' Project
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