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Treaty of Greeneville facsimile
Description: Caption reads: " Facsimile of Wayne's Treaty." Photographic copy of the Treaty of Greeneville, signed August 3, 1795, at Fort Greene Ville (the present site of Greenville, Ohio). As a result of the treaty, which was negotiated by General Anthony Wayne, representatives from the Miami Indians, the Wyandot Indians, the Shawnee Indians, the Delaware Indians, and several other tribes agreed to move to the northwestern part of what is present-day Ohio. In doing so, they left behind their lands south and east of the agreed upon boundary. Not all Indians concurred with the treaty, and bloodshed continued in the region for the next twenty years as Americans and Indians struggled for control. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio Government; Military Ohio; American Indians in Ohio; Northwest Territory; Treaties; Treaty of Greenville
Places: Greenville (Ohio); Darke County (Ohio)