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Crosley Field
Description: Caption reads: "Crosley Field, Courtesy Cincinnati Baseball Club." Crosley Field is located at the corner of Western Avenue and Findley Street in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally named Redland Field, this steel and concrete Major League Baseball park was designed by architect Henry Hake and cost $225,000 to build. It was renamed Crosley Field in 1934, when the team was bought by local businessman Powel Crosley Jr., who's ownership saw some important structural renovations to the building. It 1935, lights were added to allow for games to be played at night, in order to increase attendance during the Depression. Crosley Field was also used for other events throughout the years. Crosley Field was one of the smallest parks in the MLB, in both capacity and field size, and was notorious for "the terrace", a fifteen degree incline in left field. The last game at Crosley Field was played June 24, 1970, and the team moved to Riverfront Stadium. It was destroyed on April 19, 1972 and today seven buildings and a street occupy the place where it stood. View on Ohio Memory.
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