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Mound Hill Cemetery
Description: This photograph depicts an obelisk atop a small hill at the Mound Hill Cemetery. Founded in the 1800s, is the largest in Preble County. Originally called the Eaton Cemetery, it is now also called Mound Hill Union Cemetery and is located at 533 West Main Street, in Eaton. Named for a prehistoric Indian mound which can be found near the front which now holds the remains of 15 soldiers from General Anthony Wayne's army who were killed in an Indian attack on October 17, 1793. The remains were moved from burial sites at Fort St. Clair, then re-interred in the mound on October 1847, and a 10ft. monument of Rutland Marble erected. In the foreground are headstones for John Stephens and Ann Eliz., Daughter of John Stephens. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B09F10_010
Subjects: Cemeteries--Ohio; Obelisks; Mounds--Ohio; Wayne, Anthony, 1745-1796; Fort St. Clair (Ohio)
Places: Washington Township (Ohio); Eaton (Ohio); Preble County (Ohio)