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John Cleve Symmes tombstone
Description: Reverse reads "Grave of John Cleve Symmes at North Bend, Ohio. Federal Writers' Photo." The tombstone, located in Congress Green Cemetery in North Bend (west of Cincinnati), and is one of the earliest contained therein. Residents established the "Pasture Graveyard" in the early 1800s by land previously owned by President William Henry Harrison's family. Many other Symmes and Harrison family members were also interred in the cemetery, which eventually became known as the Congress Green Cemetery. The cemetery closed to burials in 1884. Inscription on tombstone reads: " Here rest the remains of John Cleves Symmes, who at the foot of these hills, made the first settlement between the Miami Rivers. Born on Long Island, State of New York, July 21st A.D. 1742. died in Cincinnati February 26th A.D. 1814." Plaque on tomb reads "Revolutionary soldier John Cleves Symmes, 1742 - 1814. Marked by Cincinnati Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution" John Cleves Symmes, was a delegate to the Continental Congress from New Jersey, and later a pioneer in the Northwest Territory. He was the son of the Rev. Timothy Symmes (1715–1756) and Mary Cleves (died c. 1746) of Suffolk County, New York on Long Island. He was also the father-in-law of President William Henry Harrison, who married his daughter Anna. They eloped on November 25, 1795 View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Memorials--Ohio; Monuments--Ohio; State Parks--Ohio--Pictorial works.; Continental Congress (United States); Symmes, John Cleves, 1742-1814; National Register of Historic Places
Places: North Bend (Ohio); Miami Township (Ohio); Cincinnati (Ohio); Hamilton County (Ohio)