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Cortsville blacksmith forging metal
Description: Reverse reads: "Iron Man BLACKSMITH SHOP AT CORTS- VILLE Last of its kind." Photograph shows a blacksmith forging a piece of steel or iron with a hammer and a pair of pliers on an anvil. In the background an advertisement for Sloan's Liniment can be seen. Reads" Sloan's Sure Colic Cure. Sloan's Liniment was a balm invented by Earl Sloan of Zanesfield, Ohio to treat aches and pains for animals and humans. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B10F10_023_001
Subjects: Metal-workers--United States; Blacksmithing--1930-1950; Anvils--United States--History.
Places: Cortsville (Ohio); Clark County (Ohio)