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Kennedy Ledges in Portage County, Ohio
Description: The caption reads "Kennedy Ledges Portage County" The Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park is located in Nelson Township, Portage County, Ohio. The 167 acre park was established by the Ohio Department of Parks and Recreation in 1949. The nearest town is Garrettsville, Ohio. Popular for picnicking and hiking, the park contains sandstone cliffs 50 to 60 feet high and depressions 60 feet deep. The cliff formations are the result of erosion - wind, water, freezing and thawing that wore away the soft stone. The approximately three miles of hiking trails are color coded with white being moderately easy. yellow and blue are moderately difficult and red is extremely difficult. There are more trails are unmarked and very dangerous. The forest is mainly beech and maple with a few more uncommon cooler climate trees such as Canadian hemlock, Canada yew and yellow birch. Some trees cling to the side of the rocks with the roots searching for every crevice. Under the canopy of the trees is maidenhair fern and Christmas fern. Also found is the less common marginal shield fern, grape fern and common polypody. The trees are home to a variety of song birds and other parts of the park are home to skunks, raccoons and fox squirrels. Because of the cliffs and the hazardous trail, the park is open only from dawn to dusk. View on Ohio Memory.
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