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DeVilbiss duster
Description: This photograph is a close up of the production of a DeVilbiss Duster. The DeVilbiss Corporation was founded in 1888 by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss, who invented the first medical atomizer. It was so successful, that by 1890 he retired from medical practice and created the DeVilbiss Manufacturing Corporation, purchasing the Lenk Winery building in which to begin production. DeVilbiss’s sons were also inventors, and Thomas developed the first spray gun and perfumizers, which were added to the production line. The business began to grow further during the 1920’s when they expanded in the automobile and furniture industries, manufacturing paint and laquer coating machines for assembly line production. In 1938, Willard Pollard and Harold Roselund designed the first programmable robotic paint-spraying mechanism. The company continued to grow during World War II, making military products from helmets to airplanes and tanks with protective coatings. As the company grew, it merged several times, with subsidiaries ranging from metal fabricators to healthcare. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: SA1039AV_B08F01_013_001
Subjects: Industries--Ohio--Toledo; Vilbiss Manufacturing Company; Atomizers; Perfumizers; Protective coatings industry--United States
Places: Toledo (Ohio); Lucas County (Ohio)