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First Presbyterian Church, Fremont, Ohio
Description: At the turn of the nineteenth century, the Presbyterian Church's Western Missionary Society sent Rev. Joseph Badger to what is now Fremont Ohio to establish a mission to the Wyandot tribe. In later decades, white settlers began to settle in the area and on November 30, 1833. a group of 22 people met at the courthouse to establish a Presbyterian Church. The congregation met in several different places until 1844, when land was purchased to build a church building on the corner of Park Avenue and Garrison Street. The building was completed in 1847. In 1869, the Presbyterians laid a cornerstone for a new Romanesque style building on the site of the former house of worship. The church with the first tall steeple in Fremont was dedicated debt-free four years later. During this time, the leadership of the church was provided by the Rev. Ebenezer Bushnell, who served from 1857 to 1882. View on Ohio Memory.
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