Ivy covered factory building in Fremont, Ohio   Save
Ivy covered factory building in Fremont, Ohio
Description: Caption reads; "Ivy covered factory bldg Christy Razor Blade Co. Fremont, O". The Christy Knife Company, located at 905 Dickinson Street in Fremont, Ohio, is one of the county's oldest business and is still owned by the Christy family. The company was organized in 1889, after Russ J. Christy invented and patented a nickel-plated serrated bread knife. Production began on Arch Street in Fremont, after L. H. Cress and other Fremont investors purchased stock and patents. Extensive building improvements were made in 1894 it handle the increased production of the addition knives produced. Christy rebuilt and expanded the building after fires in 1902 and 1910. In 1917, Christy purchased land at Dickinson and State Streets and again increased the size of his workplace. In 1906, a single edged razor was invented by Christy and carried the company financially through out World War I. After the war, Christy invented a retractable blade pocket knife, which carried the business through the Great Depression. D. Lamar Christy managed the company from 1920 to 1955 when Earl Christy took over. During this period, a surgical blade knife for a Cincinnati surgical instrument company represented eighty percent of the company's revenue. When this contract was lost in 1961, Christy's nearly collapsed. The work force was reduced to six workers in a highly automated production, producing only the famous "Christy's Sliding Blade Pocket Knife". View on Ohio Memory.
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