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Fort Stephenson
Description: The photograph on the left is Fort Stephenson, an American supply base near the Sandusky River in Sandusky County, Ohio. This was the scene of a battle on August 2, 1813, resulting in an important American victory in the War of 1812. The British and Indian forces, lead by Henry Proctor and Tecumseh numbered 1,400. There were 26 killed, 41 wounded and 29 captured. This was accomplished by the American forces lead by George Crogan. The forces totaled 160 and only one was killed with 7 wounded and no one was captured. The U S Commander, William Henry Harrison, believed the British and Indian force was larger than it was and had ordered Proctor to destroy the fort and retreat. Crogan insisted that he could hold the fort and ordered his defenders to hold their fire until the enemy was in close range. Once they were within range the garrison opened fire along with the fort's artillery. Proctor lacked scaling ladders and after several more tries, Proctor called off the attack. The photograph on the right is titled "Drama." View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Sandusky County (Ohio); Fremont (Ohio); Fort Stephenson (Ohio); Drama
Places: Sandusky County (Ohio)