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Major George Crogham
Description: George Crogham was born on 15, 1791 on Locust Grove farm in present day Louisville, Kentucky. His father was William Crogham of Dublin, Ireland, and his mother was Lucy Clark, sister of William and George Rogers Clark. After graduation from the College of William and Mary, Crogan joined the army in 1810. He fought in the Battle of Tippecanoe and served in Fort Meigs, located in present day Perrysburg, Ohio. He was promoted to the rank of colonel after his leadership in the battle of Ft Stephenson during the War of 1812. Fort Stephenson was located in present day Fremont, Ohio. Later he lead a troop that was defeated in the Battle of Mackinac. After the war, he resigned form the Army and became Postmaster of New Orleans. Later he became an inspector general of the army. He fought in the Battle of Monterrey during the Mexican-American War. He was married to Serena Livingston, grand daughter of Robert Livinston. George Crogham died of cholera in 1849 and was buried at the site of Fort Stephenson in Fremont, Ohio View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Sandusky County (Ohio); Fremont (Ohio); Fort Stephenson (Ohio)
Places: Fremont (Ohio); Sandusky County (Ohio)