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Description: This small cylinder was blackened by fire at the widest end. It was used as a plug for a tubular pipe (A 4189/000030.001). The plug is made of gray and light gray limestone. This piece is characteristic of the Red Ocher or Glacial Kame Cultures. Some Late Archaic groups living near the Great Lakes seem to have shared religious beliefs and rituals even though they had somewhat different lifestyles. Their names come from their practices of making copper artifacts (Old Copper), sprinkling powdered iron ore on burials (Red Ocher), and placing burials in natural mounds of glacial soil (Glacial Kame). Almost all that is known of these groups comes from their burial sites. Sadly, few of these sites have been studied by archaeologists; most have been disturbed or destroyed by erosion or quarrying. Thus, much valuable information has been lost forever. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: A4189_000030_002
Subjects: Prehistoric peoples; Tobacco pipes;
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