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Dominion Thick Ceramic Rimsherd
Description: This fragment from the rim of a large, plain Dominion Thick ceramic vessel is made up of ten pieces that have been glued together, with some gaps. It is thick and coarse grit-tempered. There is pitting on the surface of some sherds and some darkening, probably from fire. The vessel is grayish brown in color with some pink,and comes from the Adena Culture. The Adena Culture (800 B.C.- 100 A.D.), named for a mound found on the Chillicothe estate of Thomas Worthington, lived primarily in present-day Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. They built large effigy and burial mounds. The Adena were primarily hunter-gatherers, but began to grow squash and some weedy plants. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Adena culture; Woodland culture; Mound-builders; Pottery, Prehistoric
Places: Dominion Thick Ceramic Rimsherd