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Shoveler Duck Effigy Pipe
Description: This effigy pipe is a modern plaster reproduction of a pipe excavated from Welcome Mound in West Virginia. The effigy is of a shoveler duck, with a long bill forming the mouthpiece and large, stylized eyes. The neck of the duck forms the bowl end of the pipe and flares slightly. Detailing suggest that the eyes and bill were carved into the surface. The eyes on the original pipe may have been inset with pebbles. The pipe is grayish brown in color with pale yellow eyes. This piece is from Adena Culture. The Adena Culture (800 B.C.- 100 A.D.), named for a mound found on the Chillicothe estate of Thomas Worthington, lived primarily in present-day Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. They built large effigy and burial mounds. The Adena were primarily hunter-gatherers, but began to grow squash and some weedy plants. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Adena culture; Effigies; Mound-builders; Woodland culture;
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