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Baum Cordmarked Ceramic Vessel
Description: This Baum Cordmarked ceramic vessel has an applied flared rim and two flange handles. The body is rounded with a slight point at the base and has a short neck. Vertical cordmarks cover the body, including the flanges, and overlap at the base. The grit-tempered pot is nearly complete except for a piece missing from the rim and neck. This vessel comes from Fort Ancient Culture. The Fort Ancient people were a late prehistoric culture living in southern Ohio between 1,100 and 450 years ago. Fort Ancient people were Ohio's original farmers, growing crops of corn, beans, and squash, and thrived in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky. Villages were made up of a number of circular or rectangular houses surrounding an open plaza. The Fort Ancient people continued to build small burial mounds, but gradually shifted to burials in a cemetery area with no mounds. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Fort Ancient culture; Pottery, Prehistoric;
Places: Baum Cordmarked Ceramic Vessel