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Florida State Flag
Description: This flag, a textile (cotton), was manufactured by Metropolitan Flags which is currently located at 131 S Bolmar Street # H, West Chester, PA The Florida State Flag displays the St. Andrew Cross (a red saltire) on a white field. At the center lies the Great Seal of the State of Florida. A Seminole woman spreading hibiscus flowers on the shore. A steamboat and the state's official tree, Cabbage Palmetto or Sabal Palm, are illuminated by the sun on the horizon. Within the outer gold border is printed "Great Seal of the State of Florida", and "In God we Trust". This flag is not cataloged in this collection. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: H65491_001
Subjects: Ceremonial artifact; Great Seal --Florida; Seminole; Trees --Palmetto; Communication artifact; state flags--Florida;
Places: Florida, United States