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Ohio History Connection
Description: The flag in the photograph has thirteen cut-out appliqued stars in unique configuration [rows of 4-5-4]; This wool flag is badly frayed. This rectangular flag measures 58 by 125 cm. Contrary to popular belief, thirteen stars is the most common configuration for American flags. This is due to their popularity among parades and naval vessels beginning around the U.S. Centennial and Civil War Era. As the nation moved toward secession the 13 colonies' spirit of independence served as a powerful rallying point among separatists. Pre-1870s colonial flags are quite rare. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: H65483_001
Subjects: Ceremonial artifact; Communication artifact; Military flags; U.S. Centennial--1876; Textile--wool; World War (1939-1945); American Colonies
Places: Ohio History Connection