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Description: Mr. Hollie Wentz Shupe of Columbus, Ohio, donated this Japanese flag in 1950. It was captured on Guadalcanal while the donor was serving with the 1st Marine Division during World War II. It is a white silk field with a red circle in the center and covered with Japanese writing. The flag dates from 1940-1942. Guadalcanal is the largest in the Solomon Island group in the South-Western Pacific. Codenamed Operation Watchtower, it was the site of a military campaign fought between August 7, 1942 and February 9, 1943. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: H65518_001
Subjects: Textile--silk; Ceremonial artifact; Communication artifact; Military flags; Flags--Japan; World War (1939-1945); Imperial Japanese; Guadalcanal, Battle of, Solomon Islands, 1942-1943;
Places: Columbus (Ohio); Franklin County (Ohio)