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Ohio History Connection Museum
Description: The 134th Machine Gun Battalion flag has a blue field with an embroidered eagle and a red text banner. This silk banner is a rectangle measuring 125 by 170 cm. The battle ribbons are separate and each one lists a battle or campaign. Battle ribbons battles and campaigns are as follows: Ypres-Lys Offensive Oct 16 - Nov 11 Baccarat Sector Aug 4 - Sept 16, 1918 Meuse-Argonne Offensive Sept 26 - Oct 16 Panne Sector St. Mihiel Oct 9 - Oct 16. A battalion is a military unit containing up to seven companies and typically commanded by a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: H65515_001
Subjects: Ceremonial artifact; Textile--silk; Communication artifact; 134th; Battalion; Military flags; World War, 1918-1918; Army; Marine Corps;
Places: Ohio History Connection Museum