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YHCIL MSS0140 Youngstown Sheet & Tube Audiovisual Archives
Description: This photgraph depicts a clamshell bucket in a massive, partially outdoor structure that is part of a blast furnace. The bucket was used to load a blast furnace's conveyors. The conveyors bring coke and ore to the top of the furnace. Blast furnaces are used to smelt iron ore with coke to produce pig iron. This is the first step of steel production that occurs at mills. Air is forced into the bottom of the furnace, supporting the combustion, and giving the furnace its "blast" name. This photograph belongs to the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Audiovisual Archives, so its subject is likely located at a Youngstown company plant. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AC2_YHCIL_MSS0140_B01F20_006
Subjects: Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company; Steel industry; Blast furnaces; Clamshell bucket
Places: YHCIL MSS0140 Youngstown Sheet & Tube Audiovisual Archives