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Youngstown Historical Center of Industry and Labor
Description: Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company created the Buckeye Land Company to develop sites and build affordable housing for its employees. These 3.5" by 9.5" (8.9 by 24.1 cm) photographs document the results of those efforts. They depict a housing development located in East Youngstown, later renamed Campbell, Ohio. The first photograph is taken from Blackburn Street. The other is taken from Jackson Street, onto Delmar Drive. In 1917 the Mahoning Valley's leading steel companies began constructing housing for their employees to rent or own in response to shortages of decent, affordable housing. In the aftermath of the 1916 steel strike and riot (when several blocks of East Youngstown were burned to the ground) the steel companies hoped that offering steelworkers the chance to rent or own a home would promote stability within the workplace and the community. One of the more ambitious company housing projects was undertaken by the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company. In 1917, the compan View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Business and Labor; Architecture; Labor housing; Houses; Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company; Steel industry
Places: East Youngstown (Ohio); Campbell (Ohio); Mahoning County (Ohio)