George and Ottilie Botzenhardt account books, 1926-1937   Save
George and Ottilie Botzenhardt account books, 1926-1937
Description: George (1888-1972) and Ottilie (1895-1978) of Toledo, Ohio's account books trace their financial difficulties in the 1930s to the more secure times of the 1940s and through their retirement in the 1950s until George's death in 1972. George worked at City Auto Stamping in Toledo, interrupted by layoffs and strikes. Relief, FERA and Bank Claims helped keep the family afloat during the Great Depression. George went on WPA in 1940, temporarily moving to a work camp in Perrysburg, OH. The Botzenhardt account books are two paperback Household Economic Account Books published by People's Savings Association in Toledo Ohio were adapted to record the Botzenhardt's income and expenditures from 1926-1937 and 1938-1960. Records for 1961-1972 were continued in a spiral bound notebook, including some annotated entries under catagories including house, food, [utilities], taxes, doctor bills, prescriptions, carfare, paper, gifts, church and insurance. With the three account books is a 1950 bill from Buckeye Woodworking Co., of Toledo, Ohio for installation of a window, kitchen sink and cabinet, a page with notes on the purchase history of family farm, and three scraps of paper with calculations. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Account books; Budgets, Personal; Home economics--Accounting
Places: Toledo (Ohio); Lucas County (Ohio)