Dove Wing, Scar Face Bear, Nisculitte, and American Horse photograph   Save
Indians of North America
Description: This group portrait of North American Indians includes three adults and a child, identified as Dove Wing (right), Scar Face Bear (seated), Nisculitte (child), and American Horse (left). American Horse is pictured wearing a hat and fringed jacket and pants and holding a rifle. Scar Face Bear wears a similar style of clothing, but the jacket has more ornamentation. Nisculitte wears a peaked cap and a long fringed jacket over pants and stands between the seated man's legs. Dove Wing wears highly decorated clothing and a cap. A matching image from this collection identifies the photographer as "Smith and Hodson" and the location as St. Marys, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL03834
Subjects: American Horse, Dakota chief, 1840-1908; Dakota Indians--1880-1890; American Indians--Portraits; American Indian history and society
Places: St. Marys (Ohio); Auglaize County (Ohio)