Sandal-sole gorget from Glacial Kame Culture   Save
Jesse Snodgrass Collection
Description: Gorget made of marine shell is a sandal-sole type; the shape is similar to the sole of a shoe or sandal, although it is not flat but rather retains the curvature of the shell from which it was cut. Engraved on the interior surface of the shell on what would be the toe of the sandal is an animal, perhaps an unborn bear cub, with an umbilical cord that follows the rim of the shell and ends near the animal's head. The heel end is white and toe end is yellowish brown in color. There are three holes drilled through the center; one is near the narrower end and two near the wider end. The gorget has been broken at the toe end and has been restored. There are two sets of two holes near where the item was broken, which were used to bring the two pieces together. Item was found in Pleasant Township, Hardin County, Ohio. View on Ohio Memory.
Image ID: AL07183
Subjects: Hardin County (Ohio); Ohio History--Natural and Native Ohio; American Indians--Archaeology; American Indian history and society; Tools; Glacial Kame Culture (8000-800 B.C.)
Places: Pleasant Township (Ohio); Hardin County (Ohio)