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Description: Illustration showing a Jew lighting the Sabbath candle, from "The Jewish Nation: Containing an Account of their Manners and Customs, Rites and Worship, Laws and Polity," by D.P. Kidder, 1850. Jews have lived in Ohio from the state's creation in 1803. Before the American Civil War, however, the number of Jews residing in Ohio remained small. During this period, Cincinnati was the largest city in Ohio and the center of the Jewish community in the state, though it was not until 1824 that Jews in Cincinnati established their first congregation. Illustrating the small Jewish population in Ohio during this period, only forty thousand Jews lived west of the Appalachian Mountains by 1850 and only 150,000 Jews lived in the entire United States by 1870. The lighting of the candle shortly before sunset on Friday nights to usher in the Jewish Sabbath is a weekly tradition in many Jewish homes. View on Ohio Memory.
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Subjects: Ohio--Religion; Multicultural Ohio--Ethnic Communities; Jews--Social life and customs; Religious services
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